Cosimo Rosselli
Passage de la Mer Rouge 1482 Sixtine, Rome
Remise des Tables de la Loi 1482 Sixtine, Rome
Le discours sur la montagne 1482 Sixtine, Rome
La Cène 1482 Sixtine, Rome

ROSSELLI, Cosimo (b. 1439, Firenze, d. 1507, Firenze)Cosimo Rosselli was considered ever since Vasari to have been the weakest of the painters who worked in the Sistine Chapel on the fifteenth century decoration. It is unknown how it happened that he was given the honour of working next to the three quite illustrious masters (Botticelli, Perugino, Ghirlandaio).

Together with his assistants, he painted two frescoes of the cycle on the north wall of the chapel depicting scenes from the life of Christ (the Sermon on the Mount and the Last Supper) as well as two frescoes of the cycle on the south wall depicting scenes from the life of Moses (the Crossing of the Red Sea and the Tables of the Law with the Golden Calf).


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